PPGL/PPGI roofing sheet

PPGL Sheets are prepared by combining the strength of steel with anti-corrosive capabilities of a metal coating like Zinc or Aluminium. It is exceptionally resistant to weather and environmental degradations and can be punched, pressed, roll-formed, or joined in any way possible per requirement. They are made in a variety of specifications to suit different applications. They are lightweight and strong for easy placement and to provide high durability. They do not crack under pressure and are made to superior quality. Our suppliers provide PPGL Sheets made using the finest machinery and highly skilled engineers. Our product is superior in quality and has a fine finishing. The steel is properly galvanised to meet industry standards and the aluminium coating is made to display high strength and tolerance.

Some of the applications of PPGL Sheets include  Lining for Oil Tanks, in Factories, Educational Institutions, and Labs. Nuclear Power Plants, Electricity Boards, and Refineries (mainly, DM Water Plants) use PPGL Sheets.

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