Palram PVC Roof Sheet

Outdoor applications in seaside industries, mines, chemical plants and other chemicallyaggressive environments, can be challenging for any material, slowly corroding them and demanding a high level of maintenance, which is both costly and time consuming.This is not the case with PALRUF corrugated PVC sheet. It is virtually maintenance free and will endure thses environments for very long service periods in the toughest conditions, which also makes it cost-efficient.

PALRUF Roof Sheet has been installed in numerous ports, mines and chemical plants, some of which appear on the following pages. Many customers, who used PALRUF roofing, chose it again to cover renovated and new structures.

The advantages of PALRUF can benefit a wide variety of applications:


PALRUF is ideal for seaside projects, mines, livestock farms and more.


Suitable for curved roofing.

High Impact Strength

Resists hail, wind and snow loads.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

PALRUF withstands a wide variety of chemicals, making it ideal for applications in chemically aggressive environments.

Appearance Maintained

Does not yellow or fade for years.

UV and Weather Resistant

Offering long service periods in cold or hot climates (depending on color).


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